Hello and Welcome!

Please use the links to the left to navigate to the various resources and content for Math 1 (Grade 9). Here's a summary of what is on those pages:

Curriculum and Syllabus

Details on the content that will be taught this year, as well as links to the Common Core Standards. The syllabus describes in detail the plan for the year, explains grading, and outlines other relevant policies.

Weekly Problem Sets

On this page you can find a pdf file for each problem set as well as pdf files for the tips and the solutions (solutions are posted one week after the set is due).


This is the main Math 1 project page that outlines the projects that will be do this year and provides links to each individual project page.

Open-Ended Problems

This page contains a set of open-ended problems (pdf files). A subset of these problems will be done over the course of the year.