Hello and Welcome!

Please use the links to the left to navigate to the various resources and content for Math 1 (Grade 9). Here's a summary of what is on those pages:

Curriculum and Syllabus

Details on the content that will be taught this year, as well as links to the Common Core Standards. The syllabus describes in detail the plan for the year, explains grading, and outlines other relevant policies.

Problems of the Week (POWs)

On this page you can find a pdf file for each problem. While they are called "problems of the week", the will only typically be done about every other week (primarily as homework).


This is a link to a pdf that contains all the warm-ups that we have done plus a few of the upcoming ones (the file is usually uploaded on the weekend and will contain all the problems that will be done that coming week).

Homework Packets

On this page you will find a pdf for each packet. Solutions to the Homework Packets are reviewed in class (usually on the first day back at school after a weekend). If you miss a solution review, see Dr. Drew (during office hours) to view the solution set (copies are not made available).


This is the main Math 3 project page that outlines the projects that will be do this year and provides links to each individual project page.

Other Resources

This page contains links to other resources that will be used throughout the year, including open-ended problems and other group activities.