Hello and Welcome!

Please use the links to the left to navigate to the various resources and content for Math 2 (Grade 10). Here's a summary of what is on those pages:

Curriculum and Syllabus

This page provides details on the content that will be taught this year. The syllabus describes in detail the plan for the year, explains grading, and outlines other relevant policies.


This is the main Math 2 project page that outlines the projects that we will be do this year and provides links to each individual project page.

SAT Warm-Ups

This is a link to a SAT Warm-Up page that contains the Tracker template and PDFs of all the problems that we have done.

Problems of the Week (POWs)

On this page you can find a PDF file for each problem. While they are called "problems of the week", they will only typically be done about every other week (primarily as homework).

Activities and Investigations

This is a link to a page that contains resources related class activities that are separate from or very peripheral to project work. If you are looking for a class handout that is not directly related to a project, POW or SAT Warm-Up, this is where to look.

Class Notes

This is a link to a page that contains my notes for the class content. These notes document the content covered in the class. If you miss class or need to review what we covered, these notes will be helpful. You are free to make your own notes from notes, but you will not be able to use copies of my notes for “open-book” quizzes/tests.

Common Core State Standards

This is a link to a page that contains many resources related to the Common Core standards. If you want to learn about the standards, this is where to start.