Here's what I love:
  • Traveling (international travel rocks!)
  • Not traveling (e.g., laying on a beach)
  • Teaching (it's my second career)
  • Working out (so I have the energy to travel and teach)
  • New technology (I'm an almost-rehabilitated-gadget-freak)
  • Dogs!
Here are a few (possibly little-known) facts about me:
  • I have four passports (American, Canadian, British, and Irish)
  • I use the Oxford comma (see previous bullet point for an example)
  • The "Dr." in "Dr. Drew" is for real (a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering)
  • I have visited 36 different countries
  • The last countries I visited were United Kingdom, France, Croatia, and South Africa (during the summer of 2016)
  • I can cook
  • I meditate
  • I really do like Math!
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