What is Advisory?

Advisory is a multi-grade class that meets weekly with a staff advisor. Each student is assigned to an advisor that will act as his/her advisor for all four years at High Tech High North County. The purpose of the advisory is to create a point of contact for the students and parents with a staff member who is not necessarily their teacher. Ideally the advisor will create a personal relationship with each student and family, so that they feel comfortable approaching them with any questions, comments or concerns. Through twice-weekly advisory group meetings, individual conferences, and monthly buddy advisory activities, the advisory program provides a critical context for academic planning, home/school communication, team and community building, and reflection about the HTH philosophy and program.

The High Tech High Advisory program is organized around 4 themes: Community, Culture, College, and Career. Over the course of the year each advisory will participate in some required activities pertaining to each theme. Students for each grade have an activity checklist for each year in advisory. Also, each advisory will have the flexibility to create or choose other activities that relate to each theme.

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