StarLogo Nova

StarLogo Nova is the primary programming and computational thinking platform that will be used this year. The links to the left lead to additional information and resources for StarLogo Nova.
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StarLogo Nova is a programming environment that lets students and teachers create 3D games and simulations for understanding complex systems. Using a programming language of colored blocks that fit together like puzzle pieces, StarLogo users create games and simulations to study diverse concepts in science and math – such as epidemiology, ecology, geometry, computational thinking, and more. StarLogo is free and runs in an Internet browser, with project sharing options – students can play games created by others, and teachers can use simulations developed by the StarLogo community to illustrate complex concepts. Users can create simple and large-scale simulations using the library of agents or importing their own custom sounds and Collada-format 3D models.
MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program