Measuring Your World: DP Update Part 2

Due Date: Monday, April 16 before 11:59pm
Late Deadline: Monday, April 23 before 11:59pm
Mode: You must e-mail Dr. Drew a link to your "Measuring Your World" DP page
Revisions: You may submit a revision of your work for at most one more grade point

On the same DP page that you did DP Update Part 1, please update your DP with the content of your Measuring Your World classroom presentation. You will need to add the three parts of your presentation

  1. Introduction and Overview: Describe what you chose to measure and why. Be sure to display an image of the object. Without getting into the mathematical details, provide an overview of the process that you used to obtain your measurements. If applicable, explain any simplifying assumptions you made and show how you took the object apart to simplify obtaining the measurements.
  2. Mathematical Process: Without the detailed calculations, explain how you found your distance, area and volume measurements. Include the formulas that were used for each part.
  3. Reflection: Provide a personal reflection on the effort and any challenges faced. Summarize the Habits of a Mathematician that were used. Reflect on what you (or your group) would do differently, if anything, if you (or your group) were to do another project similar to this one.