Quadratic Postcard: Phase 1

Due Date: Thursday, May 31 before the end of class
Late Deadline: Monday, June 4 at the beginning of class
Mode: Submit your work to the class inbox
Revisions: You will not be able to resubmit your work for additional credit

In class, you were working on your initial research for the question you will answer on your "Quadratic Postcard". You must turn in

  1. Your yellow "Capstone Activity: Getting Real with Quadratics" activity sheet (with the reverse side completed and initialed by me)
  2. The first draft of your 4x6 postcard (the concept for your card with the draft question—no math required, yet!)

Be sure your draft 4x6 is "critique ready"; that is, it is detailed enough to allow someone to easily give you feedback on your ideas.