Quadratic Postcards: Phase 3

Due Date: Wednesday, June 13 before 3:30pm
Late Deadline: Thursday, June 14 before 3:30pm
Mode: Submit your work to the class inbox + e-mail Dr. Drew your link to your DP
Revisions: You will not be able to resubmit your work for additional credit

The final phase of this project includes

  1. Your final postcard (an example of beautiful work!)
  2. Your DP update

Your final postcard show be exhibition-worthy and reflect authentic effort to create beautiful work.

Your DP update can be brief:

  1. Give an overview of the entire quadratics project (how we started, what we covered, ...)
  2. Explain the Quadratics Postcard activity (focus on its purpose)
  3. Include an good image of your postcard (no smartphone photos of hand-drawn work: get your work scanned).
  4. Provide a reflection of your effort on the project (what went well, want didn't go so well, what would you do differently if you could do it over, ...)