POW #2: Dr. Drew Goes Bananas

Due Date: Tuesday, February 27 (at the beginning of the period)
Late Deadline: Friday, March 2 (at the beginning of the period)
Mode: Submit your work as a hard copy to the class inbox (do not share Google Docs)
Revisions: You may submit a significant revision of your work for at most one more grade point

In class, you were given the “Dr. Drew Goes Bananas” Problem of the Week (POW) and the optional "A Mini-POW about 'Dr. Drew Goes Bananas'".

Follow the instructions in "The Standard POW Write-Up" document (but you may ignore the section on Extensions and Further Exploration) to write-up the “Dr. Drew Goes Bananas” Problem of the Week. Your document must have 3 required sections:

1. Problem Statement
2. Process and Solution
3. Reflection

Your work will be graded using the Problems of the Week (POWs) as Beautiful Work: Grading Rubric. Additional information about POWs as "beautiful work" is also available on my DP.