Quintessence of Quadratics:
Activities and Handouts

No.Handout TitleLink
1Simple Motion I and IIpdf
2Simple Motion III and IVpdf
3Simple Motion V and VIpdf
4Simple Motion VIIpdf
5Distance, Velocity and Acceleration: Practice Problemspdf
6Victory Celebrationpdf
7A Corral Variationpdf
8Parabolas and Equations Ipdf
9Parabolas and Equations IIpdf
10Parabolas and Equations IIIpdf
11Vertex Form Ipdf
12Vertex Form IIpdf
13Crossing the Axis: x-Interceptspdf
14Vertex Form Practice I: Is it a Homer?pdf
15Distributing the Area I: A Lot of Changing Sidespdf
16Distributing the Area IIpdf
17Distributing the Area IIIpdf
18Vertex Form to Standard Form I: Square It!pdf
19Vertex Form to Standard Form IIpdf
20Squares and Expansionspdf
21How Much Can They Drink?pdf
22Leslie’s Flowerspdf
23Emergency at Seapdf
24Here Comes Vertex Formpdf
25Finding the Vertices and Interceptspdf
26Another Rocketpdf
27Profiting From Widgetspdf
28Pens and Corrals in Vertex Formpdf
29Vertex Form Continuedpdf
30Fireworks in the Skypdf
31Coming Downpdf
33Let’s Factorpdf
34Solve That Quadraticpdf
35Quadratic Choicespdf
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