Evaluating Limits Practice

Due Date: Friday, January 18 at the beginning of class.
Late Deadline: Not Applicable
Mode: Homework Check
Revisions: Not Applicable

Using the electronic version of the text book (http://ebooks.cpm.org), attempt the problems listed below. If you get stuck on a problem and can get help from a friend or family, that's great, but it is not necessary for you to research a problem if you are not sure how to solve it—just give it your best effort.

Important: Be sure to show your work! There is no credit for just the answer (because the answers are given in the e-book and textbook).

When doing the limit problems, you should be evaluating the limit algebraically, as we reviewed in class. If you are not able to simplify an expression, remember to use Wolfram Alpha.

2-91 a, b, c, d, f
2-112 a and b only (we'll do the rest in class)

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