CPM Homework #15

Due Date: Wednesday, January 23 at the beginning of class.
Late Deadline: Not Applicable
Mode: Homework Check
Revisions: Not Applicable

Using the electronic version of the text book (http://ebooks.cpm.org), attempt the problems listed below. If you get stuck on a problem and can get help from a friend or family, that's great, but it is not necessary for you to research a problem if you are not sure how to solve it—just give it your best effort.

Important: Be sure to show your work! There is no credit for just the answer (because the answers are given in the e-book and textbook).

When doing these problems, try to solve the limit algebraically (substituting in the value x is approaching). If you are getting stuck, remember that you can always use Desmos to see how the function is behaving.


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