Homework: Review Problems + CPM

Class A and B Due Date: Friday, April 12 at the beginning of class (assigned on Wed, Apr 10)

Class C and D Due Date: Thursday, April 11 at the beginning of class (assign on Tue, Apr 9)

Finish Deadline (All Classes): Monday, April 15 before the end of the day

This homework has three parts:

  1. Whiteboard Review Problems
    1. 3 problems on secants and average velocity
    2. 4 problems on evaluating limits
    3. 3 problema on instantaneous velocity
  2. The Product Rule Form (Pair Matching)
  3. CPM Problems 3-40, 3-42, 3-52, 3-54

*** Remember: Many problems cannot be done in your head: you must show your work for those types of problems!

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