CPM Homework #20

Assigned: Thursday, April 11 (Classes C and D) and Friday, April 12, (Classes A and B)

Due Date (All Classes): Monday, April 15 at the beginning of class

Finish Deadline (All Classes): Wednesday, April 15 before the end of the day

Using the electronic version of the text book (http://ebooks.cpm.org), do your best to complete the problems listed below.

Remember: Many problems cannot be done in your head: you must show your work for those types of problems!

CPM 3-58

CPM 3-59

CPM 3-60 (use the Power Rule)

CPM 3-61

CPM 3-62

CPM 3-63

CPM 3-64 (Challenge)

CPM 3-65 (Challenge)

CPM 3-66

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