CPM Homework #23

Assigned: Mon, April 22 (All Classes)

Due Date: Thu, April 25 (Classes C and D) and Fri, Apr 26 (Classes A and B) at the beginning of class

Finish Deadline: Mon, April 29 (Classes A and B) and Tue, April 30 (Classes C and D) before the end of the day

Using the electronic version of the text book (http://ebooks.cpm.org), do your best to complete the problems listed below.

Remember: Many problems cannot be done in your head: you must show your work for those types of problems!

CPM 3-114

CPM 3-115

CPM 3-116 (if you are doing this manually, use only 6 rectangles)

CPM 3-118

CPM 3-119 (Challenge)

CPM 3-120 (Challenge)

CPM 3-121

CPM 3-122

CPM 3-123

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