Habits of Heart and Mind

The purpose of the Habits of Heart and Mind are for students and staff to have a common language that encourages critical reflection on academic and personal growth. These characteristics are carefully chosen and are attributes we would like all of our graduates to display/exhibit.

Habits of Heart

A student who is accountable, prepared, perseveres, professional, welcomes challenges, high expectations, positive attitude, self-respect.
Intellectual Curiosity
A student who uses critical thinking, open to exploring ideas, aware of their ideas affect their world, asks thought-provoking questions, embodies hope, seeks solutions.
A student who understands and uses social responsibility, practices and sees the importance of ethics, recognizes that freedom comes with responsibility, serves with their mind and heart.
A student who supports individuals in his or her community, contributes to upholding unity, engages in respectful relationships with the community, appreciates diversity, exhibits respect for others daily.
Unlimited Potential
A student who is a perpetual learner, purpose driven, demands rigor, dedicated and determined, motivated, is open to possibilities.

Habits of Mind

A student uses data and examples to support statements and ideas.
A student reflects on how things would/could be different under other circumstances.
A student who can reflect and articulate on different points of view.
A student who can critically analyze and discuss the importance of projects and activities.
A student who can discuss how subjects and issues are interdisciplinary and relevant to a bigger picture.