Monday, March 16

School is Closed until April 7 but... Monday is still Bad Pun Day:

I have a fear of over-engineered buildings. It’s a complex complex complex.


While school is closed, there is plenty you can be doing to stay productive in Math and reinforce your learning from this semester.

My most recommended source of review material is on Khan Academy. Here are some links to material that may be helpful for review, filling in knowledge gaps, and testing your understanding:

This covers a fair amount of material. I suggest you start with limits and work through exercises and quizzes, using the videos as needed. Not all the linked material has been covered in class, so use your notes to decide what you think you really need to focus on.

As mentioned in an e-mail I sent, if you feel you need a primer in some of the pre-calculus topics, there are links to Khan Academy on the Summer Assignment page:

Khan Academy Links in The Summer Assignment

It is recommended you focus on Interpreting Functions, Exponents and Radicals, Polynomials, and Factors and Divisibility.

Solving equations (an algebra skill) plays a big role in calculus problems. If you feel you need a primer on that, please check out these resources on Khan Academy:

Honors Students: As we discussed in class, solving quadratic inequalities is often encountered in curve analysis. You may want to check this out:

If you need help or more guidance, please e-mail me.

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