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Use the links to the right to navigate to additional resources for Math 4/Calculus. Below, you will find links to to navigate to specific Activity and Investigation pages. On those pages you will find links to download the resources (handouts, …) associated with those activities and investigations..

Math 4 Resources

No.Activity Topic
1 2019 Summer Assignment Review of Foundational Topics: Linear Equations and Graphs, Functions (Notation, Evaluation, Domain, range, Interpreting), Piecewise Functions, Exponents and Radicals, and Polynomials
2 Let's Get (Re)Started, Again Wrapping Up the Summer Assignment: Reviewing Topics and the Foundational Review Test
3 A Beginning Look at Calculus Topics in Pre-Calculus and Major Themes of Calculus
4 Rates, Sums, Limits, and Continuity Investigating 3 Core Concepts of Calculus: Limits, Rates of Change and Area under a Curve
5 Slope and Curve Analysis Exploring Instantaneous Rate of Change: Slope Functions and the Derivative
6 Post-Break Review Reinforcing Our Understanding of the Most Important Topics in Calculus
7 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Recognizing and Exploring the Fundamental Connections between Limits, Area Under a Curve and Slope of a Curve
8 Derivative Tools and Applications Developing Ways to Use Derivatives to Solve Problems