Post-Break Review

The Post-Break Review has been designed to cover the most fundamental and important topics that we have covered so far this year:
  • Limits
  • Average Rate of Change
  • Instantaneous Rate of Change
  • Derivatives (Slope Functions)
  • The Power Rule for Finding Derivatives
The expectation for everyone is that they are comfortable with each of these topics. In practical terms, "being comfortable" means that you can do most of the corresponding practice problems in Khan Academy. The handouts/videos below provide an overview of what you are expected to understand; Khan Academy is a resource for more videos, articles, practice problems and quizzes. You do not need to watch every video and do every practice problem that has been assigned in Khan Academy! You only need to do enough to develop confidence in the topic (and then move on to the next topic).
For Honor's students, it is expected that you go a bit beyond what we have covered in class. You will notice that in most sections, not all of the topics have been in assigned. If the review material assigned is not very challenging for you, take on a couple of the other topics. If you need help choosing topics, please let me know.
The amount of time you want to spend on reviewing and going beyond what we have done in class is ultimately up to you and your schedule. That said, everyone should be thinking about doing about 30-45 minutes of math a day (Monday-Friday) for a total of about 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours a week.

Part 1: Limits

Part 2: Average Rate of Change (AROC)

Part 3: Instantaneous Rate of Change (IROC)

Part 4: Derivatives (Slope Functions)