Homework Assignments

The homework assignments are designed to reinforce the understanding of the foundation concepts (re: The Summer Assignment) as well as new concepts that we cover in class. Some problems may be slightly more challenging in that they require you to apply an understanding of a concept in a new context. To assist with these types of questions, links to Desmos are provided. You are definitely encouraged to use those links if you are stuck on a question. Please also take advantage of Office Hours if you are having difficulty with questions. As always, you are encouraged to collaborate with friends and peers; however, it is very important that your work is your own and not simply a copy of someone else's.

The Homework Cycle

The Homework is done on a weekly cycle:
  • Assignments are entered in Pathwright and Handouts are uploaded to my DP (see table below) on Friday mornings. Your work is due before midnight on Tuesdays evenings.
  • On Wednesday mornings, Answers, Solutions, Annotated Solutions, and Video Solutions are posted to my DP (again, see table below). Use the answer/solutions to correct all of the work you submitted (use a different color!) and submit your corrected work to the Corrections step in Pathwright. Your corrected work is due before midnight on Thursday evenings.
Honors Students and those looking for more of challenge: Compare your answers to those posted and attempt to find your own mistakes first. Then check your corrections against the solutions and make additional corrections as needed.


Work submitted on time will be graded on effort.
  • Work that does not have missing solutions and does not require corrections will receive an A (4/4).
  • Work submitted on time but has some missing solutions or requires corrections or both, will receive a B (3/4)
  • Work submitted on time but has many missing solutions will receive a C (2/4)
  • For work submitted on time, you may finish/correct your work for an additional point (a B becomes an A, a C becomes a B)
Because answers and detailed solutions are posted on Wednesday mornings, late work is graded on originality:
  • Late work that is clearly original and includes both the original work and the corrected work will receive a C (2/4)
  • Late work that is essentially a copy of the solutions will receive a D (1/4)
  • Unless prior arrangements are made, no late work is accepted after midnight on Thursday evening: that work is considered missing: F (0/4)

Homework Links

Links/videos are not active until the content is uploaded.
No. Handout Answers Solutions Annotated
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#3 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#4 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#5 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#6 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#7 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
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#9 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#10 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#11 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#12 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#13 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#14 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4
#15 pdf pdf pdf pdf mp4