Pathwright Help

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1Sign-Up & RegisterAccept your Pathwright invitation, create an account on Pathwright (sign-up if you do not already have an account) and register for your class.
2Navigating PathwrightYour course in Pathwright has a Path, the Path is made up of Lessons, and the Lessons are made up of Steps
3The Performance ChecklistThe Performance button gives you a checklist of all the assignments, including checklists for work you have completed, due dates, late notices and your scores on assignments/steps that are graded.
4Create a Single PDFIf you have multiple images to submit, you will need to combine all your images into a single PDF before you can upload them.
5Submit a PDFSubmitting your work on Pathwright means uploading a single PDF to a submit box. This should always be done from a "Submit" step so that your teacher is notified that you submitted the work.
6Reply to FeedbackPathwright will notify you if a teacher leaves you feedback on a step (by sending an e-mail and by posting an alert in Pathwright). You have a couple of options for sending replies.