Creating a Single PDF

Currently, Pathwright will only let you submit a single file in a Submit block. This means that if you have, for example, taken a few photos to capture all of your work, you will need to combine those images into a single PDF. For all the types of devices we use (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, …) there are many options for doing this. Below, I've provided suggestions that cover practically all devices.

If you are using macOS...

  • Use the Finder to select all the images and files you want to combine into a single PDF
  • Right click on one of the selected files
  • In the popup-menu, hover over "Quick Actions"
  • Click on "Create PDF"
Make sure your images/files are in the proper order:
  • If you are in "Icon View", position files in the proper order either horizontally or vertically
  • If you are in "List View" or "Column View", name your files so that they are in the proper alphabetical order (image-1.jpeg, image-2.jpg, ...)

If you are using Windows...

Windows has many free and paid apps for creating PDFs.

One recommendation is PDFCreator (it's free).

PDFcreator will convert many document types from one type into another and, most importantly, it will merge multiple documents (such as image files) into a single PDF.
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If you are using a Chromebook...

You cannot install apps on HTH Chromebooks, which means you will have to insert images of your work into a Google Doc and then save that Google Doc as a PDF.
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If you are using iOS or Android...

There are many free and paid "Scanner" apps that use your phone's camera to take images and put those images into a PDF for you.

One recommendation (for both iOS and Android) is Adobe Scan (it's free).

Once Adobe Scan creates the PDF, you can use all the regular sharing tools to save the PDF on your device or move/send it elsewhere. It can also crop, clean-up, and re-order your images.