Behavior of Functions


Students will investigate end behavior and how it relates to horizontal asymptotes. They will also review domain and range, review holes and asymptotes, and learn to write approach statements. Wolfram Alpha is introduced as a tool to support algebraic manipulation.
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Note: Solutions are posted after the submission deadline.
No. Title Handout Annotated
Solutions Solutions
#1 Introduction to End Behavior and Wolfram Alpha pdf pdf mp4
#2 End Behavior, Continued. pdf pdf mp4
#3 Working with End Behavior pdf pdf mp4
#4 End Behavior and Horizontal Asymptotes pdf pdf mp4
#5 Behavior in the Middle: Holes and Asymptotes pdf pdf mp4
#6 A Quick Review of Rational Functions pdf pdf mp4
#7 Simplifying Using Wolfram Alpha pdf pdf mp4
#8 Determining End Behavior pdf pdf mp4
#9 Determining the Behavior in the Middle pdf pdf mp4
#10 Practice Determining Behavior pdf pdf mp4
#11 Approach Statements pdf pdf mp4 pdf
#12 Working with Approach Statements pdf pdf mp4

Additional Resources

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Wolfram Alpha Simplification of rational expressions website