Class of 2021 Summer Assignment

The Handouts

NOTE: 19. Foundational Review Test: Post-Review Version—Answer Key will be posted during the first week of school.
No.Handout TitleLink
1Foundational Review Test: Pre-Review Versionpdf
2Foundational Review Test: Pre-Review Version—Scoresheetpdf
3Foundational Review Test: Pre-Review Version—Answer Keypdf
4Linear Equations and Graphs (Part 1): Intercepts and Slopepdf
5Linear Equations and Graphs (Part 2): Equation Formspdf
6Functions (Part 1): Function Notation and Evaluate Functionspdf
7Functions (Part 2): Domain and Rangepdf
8Functions (Part 3): Interpreting Functionspdf
9Piecewise Functionspdf
10Exponents and Radicalspdf
11Polynomials (Part 1): Adding and Subtractingpdf
12Polynomials (Part 2): Multiplyingpdf
13Polynomials (Part 3): Multiplying, continuedpdf
14Factors and Divisibility (Part 1—Required for Honors)pdf
15Factors and Divisibility (Part 2—Required for Honors)pdf
17Practice Handouts: Answer Keypdf
18Foundational Review Test: Post-Review Versionpdf
19Foundational Review Test: Post-Review Version—Answer Keypdf