Class of 2021 Summer Assignment

The Solutions

No.Handout TitleSolutionsAnnotated
1Linear Equations and Graphs (Part 1): Intercepts and Slopepdfpdfvideo
2Linear Equations and Graphs (Part 2): Equation Formspdfpdfvideo
3Functions (Part 1): Function Notation and Evaluate Functionspdfpdfvideo
4Functions (Part 2): Domain and Rangepdfpdfvideo
5Functions (Part 3): Interpreting Functionspdfpdfvideo
6Piecewise Functionspdfpdfvideo
7Exponents and Radicalspdfpdfvideo
8Polynomials (Part 1): Adding and Subtractingpdfpdfvideo
9Polynomials (Part 2): Multiplyingpdfpdfvideo
10Polynomials (Part 3): Multiplying, continuedpdfpdfvideo
11Factors and Divisibility (Part 1—Required for Honors)pdfpdfvideo
12Factors and Divisibility (Part 2—Required for Honors)pdfpdfvideo